We are a couple from Paris (France), lover of Asia, with a pronounced taste for travelling. Following the birth of our daughter in Toulouse, we have worked for 5 years in the markets, fairs, Christmas markets and other events to make people discover the crafts of Thailand and Indonesia.

In April 2007, we decided to settle down in Pondicherry, South India. Travelling in Asia for over 18 years, both or as a family since the birth of our daughter, we travelled to many countries, backpacking, always for the fun and the joy of discovery.

India, land of a thousand contrasts, has particularly touched and moved us, both for its beauty, the friendliness of its great people, its cuisine of thousand flavours, as its natural scents and crafts.

We wanted to share these discoveries by creating this website; our goal is to make you love India through our products.

Our shop offers a rich diversity of handcrafts, mostly made in south India, in local workshops, respecting the conditions of work and the environment as much as possible.

Do as we do, let yourself be seduced by India, its crafts and thousand scents. You will not regret it! 

We are partnered with another couple traveling in Nepal and Indonesia, and through them, we make you discover the products of these countries.